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Related article: Date: Wednesday, November 1, 2007 16 21st 19 -0700 From: Ricardo Escobar u003cricardo_246 hotmail. com u003e Subject : BEN - PART 4 n Well, I think my perverted brain has recovered from the three previous parts , so I'm ready to go again. For now, let's go back to Ben Rico... and some sizzle.. Lay It On Me people... let me know if you like it or not, like... Ricardo_246 hotmail. com,. A few days later, after the introduction of the mine, Carlos, was collected by Ben wait in the yard when I got home from work. Damn it ! That emerged from a wood and I idiot trembled with anticipation. I took my car and ran around the backwards, sucked, again ass in the air and looks good enough to eat... I mean eat. He missed his shit eating well, and I get Pedo Models my actions now. This time he sat in Pedo Models a lawn chair with his hard cock a magnet... "Here, Rico... It belongs to you, baby come and... to s... " " Naaaaaaah, Ben... What makes you think I want that thing ? Also, I too tired and have headaches. " So much for my first lie of the day. " fuck you ! You sound like my wife. I was out and let masturbate access to your queue. " he packed his things and took them to the house... " So you want to go to naked at home and tell his wife he lost in a poker game ? "He was followed by in my house and fell into a warm hug and a kissing session, tentatively, and rubbing drooling over each other. His cock put me in the womb. " Damn is, I miss you Ben... reality. " " Well, what does Carlos, I do not lose all that much ! The son of a bitch everything was brilliant on the site of the last days. " He put his finger in my ass and gave me a finger fucking good. " I think they have the opportunity to fuck now? " " What do you think, moron... I 've wrapped around your cock like a pretzel. If you do not fuck with me, then.... Now, I know you will, so no use Make... So Charles said... well... He is a hot bastard, Ben... Thanks to take it... He needs a Littyou more work, but I am more than ready... But I 've missed and need to catch up here... to get some of your stuff Brown to fill the stomach. They are for Feed me ? " " I have a nice for you, baby... You can do whatever you want, so long... as well and you love me love me hot enough to melt. "He took out his finger my ass and sniffed and licked the coffee out of it. " You Brown is not so bad Rico. Maybe I can eat a little, not throw me now. "We sat down and I smelled his stinky n clothes smelled sweat... his boots, his sox, crates and skates a -shirt that smelled of sweat hole. Buried me that stench. damn the smell of this man, the Pope would go to seizures. " does not make you vomit, the concerns of Ben... I think I could get used to. After that everything comes out of your body, like your shit and piss. All that is of his body is hot for me. By the way, I want to keep your pants here, if andou leave, so I can smell your stink, if you're not here. " It s me off a stench of my breath in them. buried her face and nose in everything. I think I have a real pig, potential in my hands here... went into the investigation of each of our senses and sharpness of odors flavors and textures Pedo Models of the individual parts of each of our bodies... Words not needed... was a of the most sensual experiences I s... had this man is a miracle, made ​​a total of... the smell of her hairy wet wells bury my face in them deeper and longer, which Pedo Models absorbs sweat acre... I sucked on his wonderful lines of contact and fantasized about what would be happy if I could lactate and I was able to care for them. that lint filtered of your navel. my face buried in the thick, silky hair of his pubic hair... I sucked each of his fingers... he still had the smell of my shit in one of them... we rubbed and licked and probed and made love to each of and each part. nothingwas a taboo for both. I licked the ass hungry, not only, but aims to licked it hard, maybe he has a some of my sauce, I do not know... I licked her fingers... Its tail was s so hard I thought I would explode, while drinking in the precum oozing out of his piss slit... At one point I was a little golden nectar... I drank after each drop down... your urine is super special... I licked the bastard to be, everything was mushy ripe, fresh and clean, and I licked and probed his hole with my tongue tickled the thick hair on his ass crack of hell I nose... The heat between us was always intense... we set in the sweat and smells our bodies became more acute. The more things Heat and... Now melted almost into each other, that's all I can say... talk about the animal nature is in every human being, it follows that both of us! We rutted like a fucking wild a few... once, when had covered his mouth on me and mine, and BreaMatter how hard hell, I could feel his stomach spasms, and I knew he would get his bowels, or part of it. He was choking and I kept my mouth shut right to me, and was to... not much, but he got up in my mouth and I loved the flavor that... I wanted more... It was wonderful... I swallowed and then got up a little more and I swallowed it all. I have my tongue in his mouth and licked clean as I could... Damn... He turned to me in my stomach and lay down on my weight... He went down and my pen hole n again... throw away his tongue out and took my... Damn, that felt so damn hot... then it is easier for me and I felt a gentle press against my hole... Gently got into me, slowly, almost slow... until they finally put the balls in the ass... Then he rolled about us on our website, where I could not catch me, but use their hands to and my work my tail pinch my tits and finger fuck her mouth... I was a prisoner in this hot, wild and Industrial ParkUL - man ! Not to say, I became a bit! No way! He began a very slow movement of shit... so slowly that times I was not sure if he was not moving or not. And he worked his Pedo Models tail the one hand, pulling my foreskin, and played with my tits with the ring of... She bit her in the back of my head that drives me crazy... I I guess I have some cheese of my ass, because he stuck his finger in the mouth to clean it... the smell of the things we have so much good hot... He wiped a bit more Pedo Models of my cock and gave me a lick... cavo my cheese, but this heat of us made ​​it even better. I do not know , as Pedo Models long as we did a - merged back into a being - but all I n I know, has become almost fainted... I was about to cum and feel could that... My shit was still very, very slowly, rubbing each one of my glands time... I shot a huge load in his strong hand and milked every last drop... I felt her dripping deep inside me... his cock throb in time with each sprint... He criticized a huge fart filled the room... He was unloading his sperm right where it belonged... inside me... He took his hand over my mouth and licked me from my warm cum... It took the rest.. They suck the hand... not a word among us, just this heavy breathing, this heat, this merger sweaty of our body... Then came the ultimate in relaxation... bathed in sweat, , breathing deeply and gently kiss... gently kissing... smoothly. We finally got back into the world as it was... He took off and I his cock in my mouth to try the combo of my shit and sperm... then I kissed him, give him something... I loved the way we share our bodies products with others... He never let anything like that... be not mentioned, but we got a little breathing normally... I was not sure what he was doing, but I knew that he reached with one hand... After a while he put his hand around where I could see,that... that rough hand, based his work one of the most beautiful I had turds ever seen... It was a medium brown, twisted and the head was fixed... a cone nice, smooth, at the end of it... coated in a thin layer of sauce, but almost any odor,... I opened my mouth and made ​​it Pedo Models easier in my tongue... Oh, man, talk about heaven ! I just leave it on my tongue, it feels like , which began to melt slowly and give me a small taste of this hot town. Then he put his mouth on mine and relaxed in the mouth... He licked his stool and began to breathe heavily again... I put it in his mouth, and threw it back in my... How many times I have no idea... but has been getting smaller and disappeared over time... He had his shit in my belly... and I was happy there... I know, I was very happy to have there... He kissed me and went and took his cock in my mouth soft y gave me his current hot wash everything... Then something in my mouth n and when he got backnowledgment to kiss me, gave me a little of it to him... that s time had nausea or vomiting... We just kept firmly we enjoyed the flavors of our partner. Now, how is that you must, Ben said : "As much as I too, hate Rico, I need to get You will understand how it is with me and the family.. " " Yes Ben... I know... time is so damn short man, but I understand it, , but I think we should take a shower before going to home. the two are one bit chaotic. " went to the bathroom. Yes, it was run all right. Pedo Models "I need a dump baby first... stay here and talk to me while I shit right? " He sat on the toilet, and sat on a stool nearby. She let out a enormous fart. "Hell, Ben, that almost touched the water in the cup! " " seems do not. " He laughs at his head. "But your head up on my tail to close and inhale that smell good to me. I know you dig it. " So, of course, I did, and I smells new drive. And even the more when shit started. First Watchuld've loved eating to have a bowel movement every , as it makes its hole. But I did not know, otherwise we would all have been waiting here the night. " Rico, you can take a while until you can. I can not know the risk of raising suspicions at home, please. I can not. I love you baby, but it is a n different types of love, you know, we know we have a real physical and emotional love, but not the same as with the woman and family. that I understand, is not it. I'm going to surprising as hell Rico. seriously. you have been here with my head in poor condition, and I love every bit of what done... I never thought anything like that would be possible for me... we never thought someone would have a lot of what we have done. " " Yes, we talked about earlier, Ben and I understand. I , threatening their lives with the family in the world. I hope Pedo Models we get together now and again, and I will miss the hell can one of you in the middle. However, This is the way it should be, love. that's what we call reality. nothing I wouldfortunate than us to be together full time, but not to be. "It took the toilet paper, but was prevented. " Baby, you do not have to delete the ass while my tongue is missing a final taste of the shit for who knows how long. Right? Pedo Models " smiled and rose from the chair. You should see their turds sitting in the water that I know there are people who love turds farm John, but not me. I want my turds straight from the oven of my mouth, or in the womb, undiluted by water and then cooled. turned to and spread her legs apart, as I have these hairy buns beautiful by. was the remains of butter shitting it, only a light brown, some of them trapped in their hair. buried my tongue in it. different flavor to the stool, I ate it time, it was almost sweet, and is very soft. I took my time licking out of his forgiveness and hair surrounded by s. I felt it pushing her ass and lips parted some n and a small ys stoolOme more sauce provided out in my mouth... But, too soon, he was clean. Never get tired of the shit that I'm... or anything else, I'm good... " The time of the shower... damn bitch... we go again. " We turned the water y got in and soaped each other, kissing and rubbing... I could not stop for him... Yes, I could, but did not want... I let the damnsoap ! Corny I know, why not. I bent down and once he was inside me and I fucks me hard and fast. My baby was in the queue that had to be the right then. He arrived within minutes, and I had memories of him, that I had to carry out the night - the taste of your shit forgiven in the pit of my s, and the glow of me and his sperm in my belly. For now, o, I would. went out and began to dry each other... then he got this look tormented in the face and took his breath away in "Caring for baby... I need... I Thanked Snee... " Choo ! Although he wanted to leave me, Pedo Models which held its front of youweight and I have a lot of mucus in the mouth and snot all... my face then he was willing to do it again... I sucked the nose when sneezing I have a good taste of another load of snot... Shit, man, I 've never seen this before... In fact, the thought of Pedo Models one or more This fact is used to take me... but it was natural, as hell and it was wonderful... " Rico... you're some kind of weird man, but I love that Pedo Models you are ready in all these things to take from me... and I think just what do... you know there is nothing wrong or perverted about it... damn it, Rico... " got dressed and sat for a few minutes... "Rico, take the support of Carlos good man.. even though it bothers me to say something about it... I I feel a little jealous here... yes, I think it is.... " " This is an actual add, Ben... the tears flow down my cheeks and kissed him all over the world... " " Carlos and I have buds were closed for a Pedo Models long time, aSecond, although I am a little weird saying this, he turns to me sometimes, but I never felt calm him know, know that may be why, despite these jealous feelings I love you very well on it. " " Maybe it's time for you to take it to express their feelings about it, Ben... I know it's scary as hell, but you think of what is out of hiding him... I know that is never separated from their families and set Keep the house or something, but... Well, Ben... You know what I'm talking about... I wonder if he can not have the same feelings of n you... You lift each other for a while... I think it says something here... think about it... I will not tell you what we have here the speech, but... " " Yes, I think I have that... Rico, I have to go, man.. "If the s fast-flowing tears... We hugged and cried like children... " Rico I love you, baby... so damn much... But... " " No need to say, Ben... I kNow just what you mean... I feel much the form it, maybe even more... I think... and I hope that always together, even if possible... Here is a key to the house... is to start early and do not think it's cold you turn blue seats naked outside waiting for me to get home. If at any time you can come across for an hour or so, while 02 clock 00 which is going to happen to my baby and fuck your ass, and do hot love to me... I return to you, man, you are now. " Ben took the key and turned around and left... " I return, I s promise. "He did not look back... I feel like I was still mourn... if he walked away slowly... but that's the way life is sometimes...
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